Spelling Lessons

Ever since the attack at her old school that left her scarred, 17-year-old Morriganne (Morri) Szarzka has gone to great lengths to hide her family’s heritage of witchcraft. Her best friend, Kelsey, on the other hand, would like nothing more than to find a spell for all that ails her, starting with her completely blown chemistry grade. Taking a huge risk, Morri crafts a spell to help Kelsey, and stumbles upon her grandpa’s hidden love spell in the process. Suddenly, popularity, money, and hookups stand to be theirs for the taking, if Kelsey can coax Morri out of the broom closet and into the spell business. 


To Kelsey, it seems simple enough. To Morri, being “out” means gambling with her safety and relationships again, after protecting herself for so long. But even with so much on the line, temptations are difficult things to ignore, and soon she and Kelsey are in way over their heads. Amid love spells gone terribly awry, a mother who’s disappointed in her misuse of magick, and the conjuring of someone from her past—someone who’s already wrecked her life once—Morri discovers the untold secret about the spell that started it all. And she may find out that the real danger isn’t in claiming the title of Witch or the blowback from spells. It’s the truth.