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Interrupting the Serious to Spread Some Cheer.

It's pretty cool to be able to make someone feel like they've found a treasure, make them a little happier on an ordinary day, just by hiding a painted rock. Especially in a world that seems a little unhappier and disconnected every day. That's what people are doing all over the country, and I'm about to hide my first in a few hours.

I put my URL on the back of it to be able to "meet" the person who finds it...

So HELLO! Happy to connect with you! Keep my little rock or re-hide it. Whatever your decision, if you take a second to post a picture of yourself with it on Lehigh Valley Rocks' FaceBook page (or use my "Contact" page here to tell me you found it), I'll get my smile for the day. Start painting and hiding your own rocks to spread good vibes, and I'll smile even longer.

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