The Scars You Can't See

17-year-old Tory Lawrence no longer bothers to unpack her suitcases and moving boxes. After nineteen of her mom’s “new beginnings,” this mid-year move certainly won’t be the last. Except with graduation looming, and no after-plan, Tory needs it to be. More and more, photography appears to be her calling, but Ethan—a guy with a wild past full of scars and stories he doesn’t want to talk about—just might be too.


Together, Tory and Ethan find sanctuary in one another. She becomes his confessional, and he provides diversion and safety from her mother’s alcoholic drama. For the first time, Tory matters to someone, and with her photography talent, she has a voice. A real future, free of her mother’s whims and abuse, seems possible. But Ethan’s secrets—especially the one about his part in his mother’s death—may have broken him more than Tory can imagine, and when move #20 is announced, the scars from his past may destroy everything.