I'm KC. I write YA novels about smart characters with imperfections, sarcasm, weirdness--and yeah--some sadness. 

I'll have book news here, of course, but more than anything, I want this to be a place where readers can come for community. I want to interview both adults and teens who shed (or embraced) the labels others gave them and grew/are growing into their "otherness" to become successful versions of their quirky selves. I want to find people making differences in the world and find out their hows, whats, and whys, so they can inspire others to start change in their slivers of the planet. Not everyone will have been bullied, but they'll all have a little "black sheep" in them, because those are the interesting people, and they're the ones who can make other "black sheep" a little less lonely. And that's goals.


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