Game Changer

Varsity quarterback Adam Emerson has spent his football career choreographing how it will help him escape his nowhere town. Up until now, everything’s gone as planned, but senior year isn’t playing by his rules. Injuries have sidelined him for key games and sapped his confidence. Then the ultimate blindside: his widower dad dies just three weeks before graduation, slamming Adam with anger he doesn’t understand, responsibilities he has no idea how to meet, and the end of the future he counted on.


Though his coach and friends suspect he needs help, Adam’s trained his whole life to lead, which—to him—means hiding his growing failure and handling everything on his own. His relationships, his family business and home, custody of his little brother—everything that once seemed stable, everything he couldn’t wait to leave—are on the line. It’s up to Adam to admit defeat or adapt his strategy before he loses it all. Either way, his life will never be the same.