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"Everybody is an expert on one thing--that's what I learned in my high school journalism class--and that's, of course, his [or her] own life. And everyone deserves to live and have his [or her] story told. And if it doesn't seem like an interesting story, then that's the failure of the listener..."  ​--William T. Vollmann


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5 Random Facts About Me:

1. My favorite part in music is drums.

2. I like engraving things such as the trucks on my skateboard.

3. I customize my own hats.

4. I make my own patches for jackets and hats.

5. I have a skateboard I have customized over the period of a few months and it is now completely painted and engraved by me other than the wheels...

Cameron's Story

Cameron's a fifteen-year-old who caught my attention as a thirteen-year-old kid trying to get a skatepark in his small town. Back then, he launched Project Skate Haven and took his mission to Facebook and YouTube.


While there are amazing programs out there to get grassroots ambitions like Cameron's funded, (such asTony Hawk 's awesome foundation (THF) which awards parks to qualifying towns across the U.S.), meeting the extensive qualifications requires belief and backing from the adults who make the rules (and worry about liability) from the very beginning.  What happens in the towns with need but without that adult buy-in? Well...unfortunately, nothing.


So, ultimately, Cameron didn't get his skatepark. But at thirteen, to see a problem and act on it?! That's not a common thing. 


Cameron has a lot to say with his talent, and skating is only the beginning of his story.

Cameron) I live in a very, very small town. There are at least five churches within blocks from my house.

I started skating around the beginning of 7th grade, so I was probably around twelve. I love to skateboard but our town doesn't allow [it] anywhere--on the sidewalk, parking lots etc. There aren’t a lot of people in my area who are into it, so I learned by watching videos of people doing the tricks I wanted to learn. The first actual trick I learned was an Ollie Revert  (you jump, land on the back two wheels and do a 180).

I’m not that used to ramps and stuff like that, [since] we don’t have a skate park in our town, so I like street skating. I usually skate at a church down the road with a big smooth parking lot. They don't mind skaters being there. The preacher even invited me and my brother to the youth program once. But one time, I was skating at the library and the head librarian came out and told me to leave immediately--said if I came back, she would call the police.


We've always had to go hours away just to go to a skate park, and I don’t know of any nearby skate shops, so I get my gear online. (Cameron paints all of his boards)















                  Sometimes if I'm skating with a friend or my brother, 

                      people will make fun of us, but I don't really care.

I have many interests, all of which no one shares. None of my friends

make music or DJ, but I know two people who longboard. I skateboard

more than I longboard, but I guess it is close enough. I have a few

friends I can laugh with but no one to really hang out and do the things I like

to do. There just isn't much to choose from. Hunting, fishing, sports and church are the priorities here.

KC) I've seen pictures of the work you've done on boards and the walls of your room. You've got quite an urban style with paint. I've seen enough of the masks/sculptures you've done to see you're versatile in that medium, too. When did you get into making art? Did you teach yourself how to paint and make the masks and sculptures?

Cameron) I started making things out of bread ties when I was 6 or 7. Then i started using pipe cleaners, and then I started to draw anamorphic stuff and realistic stuff and learned techniques from Vamos Art. I tried making costumes, but those didn't turn out too good because I didn't have good tools. So I kept drawing and started my own YouTube channel, first about drawing, then skateboarding, and now skateboarding and music.


I started DJing a bit over a year ago and a few months later I started making music. I asked Cut Chemist if I could remix one of his songs, and surprisingly he said yes.

(KC) In fact, that remix of Cut Chemist's song, "Mad Man Mix" (Remix of Madman by Cut Chemist) was included in ARTWAR Vol II's collection. HOW DID THAT FEEL?!

Cameron) I felt like I got a head-start, and would get recognized easier, and since I have a different style than most people, people would find my channel interesting.


If I could get any equipment, I would get 2 Stanton Str8 150s and a Rane 62 along with 2 butter rugs. For now, equipment-wise, I use a Numark PT01 Scratch, ion TTUSB, and a Gemini MM1. I don't have a computer, so I edit everything on my phone or tablet, which actually works really well somehow.

(KC interrupting: ON. HIS. PHONE. HIS PHONE!!!)

DJing is more of mixing music together, and composing music is more of your own thing. Cut Chemist is my favorite to remix because he has such a wide variety of music and different genres. I'd say DJing is the most fun because I can do pretty much whenever I want. There is a lot to learn and discover.

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