Minus time at a music store and as a proofreader for a tiny, local publishing company, all of my jobs have been in K-college education, so I've always been around kids and books. It wasn't until I worked as the coordinator of a K-12 literacy clinic at a California university, though, that I discovered today's YA literature and tumbled into deep love. It's come so far since I was a teenager! Eventually, I left the workforce to concentrate on my daughter and a growing soft sculpture business. My life-long love of writing started whispering to me around that time, but I couldn't seem to connect with my creativity in California. in 2007, my husband and I took a trip to a rural part of Pennsylvania, and I felt like I'd found home.


So, In 2008, my husband, daughter, two dogs and our betta fish packed into my 4Runner and moved cross-country to a semi-rural part of Pennsylvania. Within one year of living in our little Utopia, the idea for my first manuscript came and refused to leave...and it brought friends. Now my life is happily about trying to keep up with new characters.


Though the betta and one of my wonderful traveling dogs are no longer, I still live in PA with my husband,  daughter, two retired greyhounds, a bad-ass dog-cat, a guinea pig, and many crows that I coax into my backyard with peanuts. I work in a small library as an Interlibrary Loan Librarian, and in my spare time, I make wool felted sculptures, read, hoop dance, and spend entirely too much time on social media.